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04 December 2010 @ 02:02 pm
I did this drawing some days ago, i wanted draw satoshi during a live...so i tried. It's not my best drawing, but i like it. Also a lot of people criticized their new songs, their new style. I've nothing to say about this, i'm tired of people that have always something to criticized...evry damn time.
I know, i miss their music at the time of "owari to mirai" when i knew them...but, it's always there, everyone of can continuing to listen to it. This is something new. The fantastic thing is that every time, with every album they're able to create something different, so now...waiting for "GO!" i've no idea of what i'm waiting for. This is amazing i think.
I'll continue to be close of them. They did something for me without knowing. i'll do something for them without they'll know.